In Gracious Leadership: Lead Like You’ve Never Led Before, Janet Smith Meeks describes why the key ingredients of Gracious Leadership are proven “must have” strategies to optimize organizational results.

Meeks explains that teams of all types, within any industry, can reap great rewards by displaying respectful behaviors as they seek to reach greater heights. This holds true at home, on the basketball court, in the C-suite, or in the boardroom.

Through stories of her own personal journey, as well as anecdotes about those she’s encountered along the way, Meeks shares lessons learned while offering candid advice to help leaders improve.

In a dog-eat-dog world where leadership crises are prevalent and the disrespect of subordinates is widespread, Meeks offers a different path. She shows how to be tough and kind, accountable and compassionate, driven and grateful, all while being a fully respectful leader.

Gracious Leadership… it’s not soft stuff at all… it’s a fresh and unique, yet proven approach for current and aspiring leaders who seek to excel while restoring common decency and respect within all aspects of their lives.


Advance Praise for Gracious Leadership