Endorsement from Peter J. Giammalvo, PhD

1 January 2018

“Readers may be easily overwhelmed by the hundreds of leadership books with catchy titles lining the shelves of bookstores these days. With the publication of Gracious Leadership: Lead Like You’ve Never Led Before, Janet Meeks has made a unique contribution to the collection. Her description of the key ingredients of Gracious Leadership draws not only from the research literature but from the personal stories (hers and others) of successful leaders. Her treatment is ‘elegant in its simplicity.’ Although it may seem simplistic to say that effective leaders demonstrate both ‘head and heart’ competencies, Janet provides the reader with true stories of how this dynamic duo looks in action!

Gracious Leadership is an easy read of complex issues. One cannot help but become personally engaged in each short, crisp chapter. I recommend that this book be required reading for graduate students in healthcare administration, MBA students focusing on healthcare, mid-career healthcare professionals who are transitioning into leadership roles from clinical and/or business roles, and those ‘high potentials’ who have been identified in their organizations as having growth opportunities in their organizations. Upon reflection, I think that leaders at every career stage will take a step forward by not only reading the book but applying the Conversation Starters that the author includes after each chapter.”

Peter J. Giammalvo, PhD, leadership & talent management consultant; retired healthcare executive-in-residence and visiting professor, College of Health Sciences & Professions, Ohio University; former Chief Learning Officer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center