Endorsement from Mike Kaufmann

1 January 2018

“Continuous learning is not always about learning something new, but reminding yourself of the important things you may have forgotten. Seasoned leaders who read Gracious Leadership and utilize the Conversation Starters will help refresh and refine their own leadership competencies and create a great learning experience for their teams.

When I talk with folks about what I have learned over the years, I always tell them they should handle disappointments with grace as it will be remembered and pay dividends in the future. Janet’s book reminds me there are many other opportunities where grace can be applied to everyone’s advantage. 

Janet’s comments that great leaders recognize they don’t have all the answers are spot on. They are not afraid to ask the people who do have the answers the right questions, no matter what level these folks may be. And when they ask, Gracious Leaders listen like no one else is in the room.”

Mike Kaufmann, CEO Cardinal Health, a Fortune 100 company