Endorsement from John Fleming

1 January 2018

“Gracious Leadership is more than a book, it is a case study of one individual—the author, who describes her experiences from childhood and family values to the impact family values had on a career in both the financial and health care industries. A successful and remarkable CEO, the author emphasizes, that the basic principles of Gracious Leadership are transferrable regardless of corporate, organizational or even government focus. Perhaps, and most importantly, the author provides insights as to why some leaders miss the mark.

Janet Meeks has blessed us with a documentary, a guideline, a new label and introduction of a completely new description of the attributes of Gracious Leadership. Regardless of position, title or responsibility, or even type of organization, I find this work to be more than insightful.

Early in my reading, I knew I had to complete this work when I noted the following words from the author: ‘I believe teams of all types within all industries and organizations can reap great rewards from displaying gracious and respectful behaviors as they seek to optimize their collective performance. This holds true at home, on the basketball court, in the C-Suite, or in the Boardroom.’ The preceding words clearly established that Gracious Leadership is about a focus on people, the people within the organization who ultimately make the organization what it is or becomes.

I wish I had this work many years ago. Janet Meeks has given us a glimpse at her life journey and the 13 attributes of Gracious Leadership in a learning and teachable format. This work goes beyond the definitions and principles of leadership described in Jim Collins’ legendary work Good to Great first released in 2001. This work is a must read for all who really believe that we, as individuals and organizations, succeed via the quality and excellence in how we serve and recognize others for the contributions they make!”

John Fleming, Author, Consultant and Speaker; former Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of Direct Selling News; former senior executive of Avon Products, Inc.