Endorsement from Barbara J. Smoot

1 January 2018

“In corporate America’s drive for growth and profit, many organizations have created a workforce of the ‘walking wounded.’ Employees within these companies leave their souls at the front door and steel themselves against daily insults, indifference and condescending behavior from executives and managers entrusted to lead them. There simply is a better way. Employees thirst for compassionate leadership that honors rather than strips them of their dignity—the kind of leadership that Janet Meeks masterfully details in Gracious Leadership. In this book Janet shares leadership strategies that can deliver exceptional results by transforming companies with toxic cultures into high performing organizations driven by engaged employees who are walking tall!”

Barbara J. Smoot, CEO, WELD (Women for Economic and Leadership Development); commissioner, Columbus Women’s Commission; corporate director, National Church Residences; former vice president, Nationwide Financial