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Gracious Leadership and the Head-Heart Connection

20 January 2018

In 1983 I left the banking industry for healthcare following a devastating health experience. While I was hospitalized, nurses, techs, housekeepers and other employees taught me the true meaning of the “Head-Heart Connection.” These caregivers and support personnel did not know me from the next patient. Of course, they were motivated by their job descriptions to meet my clinical needs. But they also were inspired from within their hearts to treat me like the only person in their world. In short, they changed my life forever!

I have always been passionate about the power of positive leadership and the profound impact of frontline employees. During 2017 I decided to write a book about fully respectful leadership and the importance of the Head-Heart Connection.

I am humbled to share that Gracious Leadership: Lead Like You’ve Never Led Before has just been released. The goal of the book is simple: to teach leaders they can be fully respectful while concurrently guiding their teams to achieve excellence and to inspire leaders to show all their employees they are making a positive difference.

Gracious Leaders in every industry are purposeful in inspiring employees to embrace the Head-Heart Connection. Be sure to sign up for the Gracious Leader newsletter at the bottom of the page. The Gracious Leadership book is now available on our website and on Amazon.

Please share your thoughts about the importance of the Head-Heart Connection. There’s no better time than now to lead with goodness and grace while inspiring employees to serve with their heads and with their hearts. Join in the conversation today!


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